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trainings and seminars
A music consulting company in ogbomoso who is so much concern about helping us to make it in the world of circular and classical music world.

biochemistry [open page]
canteen and eateries

My Pieces [open page]
groups and organizations
The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have.

APTOG..A Peculiar Treasure Of God [open page]
groups and organizations
This are a set of people design by GOD's grace to worship him in spirit and truth..

Web Designers/Developers Forum [open page]
trainings and seminars
This is where all web designers and developers share ideas and solve problems on web technologies

a female rumate [open page]
groups and organizations
a self contain at adenike

LASTBOSOFT "Let Talk Of Technology" [open page]
groups and organizations
Without Technology, Life Is Worthless

Sammie Photography [open page]
Photography Page where you can always upload your pictures and get them retouched for you by a young student Photographer

KELE POP [open page]
canteen and eateries
Production of caramel, buttered, savoury and honey popcorn.

Ankara accessories [open page]
trainings and seminars
Eden fashion home;home where accessories grow

Honourable tinz [open page]
election campaign
contesting for the post of honurable in the department of pure and applied chemistry.

AGE'16 [open page]
groups and organizations

donjhyde for AGS @ sug level [open page]
election campaign
2geda we are able

A.G.S @ SUG LEVEL13 [open page]
election campaign
Vote for me as assistant general secretary (AGS) at student union government

Hayorlad Concepts [open page]
A Multimedia Studio

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