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This year, I celebrated my 27 th birthday.

I took a good look at my celebration party full of people smiling, dancing, enjoying themselves with the music and food for the occasion. Standing there, in a split instance, it occured to me that when they leave I would be alone for the rest of day/night.

So I ask myself, if not for any thing, today I'm supposed to have a special guy right here. Then I started writing down the names of all my exes. Wow! The list was endless.

I got deflowered (disvirgined) in May 2005. The guy was nice and also good looking. About 7months later, he got a visa and travelled to Spain and that was that.

Later I met Michael. Two months later he travelled to Burkina Faso, but we were communicating until he lost his phone.

And then I met Mide, based here in Nigeria. But later the relationship got sour... and so on. (Mind you, many of the guys did not travel out)...

Back then I thought it was spiritual so I went to Mountain of Fire and Redeemed camps for prayers. In addition, I always pray for myself and the guy I'm with, yet men just walk in and out of my life without any serious quarrel or fight.

I am young, beautiful and intelligent; a university graduate, hardworking and respectful. I am not demanding financially and otherwise, so what then is the problem...

But now, concerning this aspect of my life I want to make a new year resolution but I don't know where or what to resolve. Also, will i be able to keep my new year resolutions?

Please help me and don't judge me. It is hard to let it out.
By: Femi odejide
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Date: Thu. 04/Dec/2014 02:54pm fb share tweet

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