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In some parts of our country, insects are considered as a good source of protein. People who eat them do it because they want to. But it might be a shock for you to know that it has been estimated that the average person unintentionally eats a pound of insects every year.
You might not have been eating insects consciously, but you have probably consumed pounds of them during your lifetime. But how could this happen?
Scientists found some insects in fruits, vegetables, bread, canned and processed food, even in the beverages we take.
You might never have deliberately eaten an insect, however you have probably inadvertently consumed over a pound of insects in your lifetime. The question, how is that so; then arises.
1. Mites– These tiny bugs live in wheat and grains. They can also stay in frozen vegetables. So if you have some grains stored in your cupboard for too long, there might be some insects growing there that you would later consume.
2. Maggots– If you have ever eaten or drank some canned food, you have probably swallowed a maggot too. These freaky small critters like to live in anything canned. Some additives added to the canned food not only preserve the food but in addition make room for maggots.
3. Fruit flies– Fruit flies live in mangoes, oranges and in a majority of other fruits. When you buy a fruit and see it there you can easily wash it off. But when you drink a pack of fruit juice, you can be swilling several flies per one cup of juice, seeing as because you can’t wash off the fruit flies in the juice.
4. Corn ear worms– It is easy to avoid this by cutting kernels off the cob. However you can’t do it with canned sweet corn. So you should be more careful.
5. Cowpea curculio/caterpillars– a can of beans or peas can contain nearly five or more cowpea curculio larvae, which will grow into dark brown, beetle. Caterpillars can be found in frozen spinach. So it might be safer to this food item dried and cook it by yourself. It would be better than buying them frozen and with some ‘additional’ proteins.
By: Peter Ola
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Date: Sat. 13/Dec/2014 01:48am fb share tweet

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