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A sudden erection can become a huge embarrassment if it happens in public, or
you’re not properly dressed. Here is how to kill it.
Normally, a normal man has an erection from sexual stimulation.
More often than not, the erections start without warning, like early morning
erections or sudden erections that happen when you have an encounter with a
beautiful woman.
Such a sudden, unplanned erection can become a huge embarrassment if it
happens in public, or you’re not properly dressed.
When this happens, you either bear the shame or you find a way to kill/hide the
Here is how to kill it:
1. Go take a pee. You need to get yourself into the restroom. You can always
excuse yourself from a crowd by saying you need to take a pee. When you
are in the toilet, erase all sexual images from your mind. You can also pour
water on your little member.
2. Stroll a little. Taking a walk will force your body to blood to your limbs in
order to get them moving. It is that action that will stem the flow of blood
to your penis and get the erecting calmed. So just walk around a bit and get
the little bod calmed down.
3. Get a distraction. The best thing you can do for yourself is to find a way to
distract yourself. This is because erections are as a result of the thoughts
you have. For example, thinking about a woman’s breasts can give you an
erection. So turn your mind to something else, something without sexual
coloration. You can hardly think and sustain an erection.
4. Create weird thoughts. If you can imagine something weird, you might get rid
of that unwanted erection quickly. You might want to imagine your worst
fear coming to life. If you hate snakes, imagine snakes crawling in your lap.
It might work
5. Change the temperature in your pant. An ice block is the best for this trick,
but it may not be readily available. Just get anything cold into your pants to
slow the blood rush.
6. Masturbate if you can. An erection is just a sign that your body wants to get
some action. Remember that when a man ejaculates, he loses his erection
temporarily. So you may ignite a quick release by masturbating, if you can.
If all the above fail, as it may sometimes do you have to go for Plan B – HIDE
1. Put both your hands in your pocket. Doing that will ensure you don’t get
suspected. It will make you look cool and give you an opportunity to tame
your penis.
2. Cover the p-zone with something. Put a magazine or a book on your lap and
pretend to be reading. If you are close to a table, shift closer so you can
hide everything under it.
3. Fold your hands on your lap. If you do this, make sure the expression on
your face is as casual as possible.
4. Distract everyone. This one may backfire or fail. Just say something that will
get everyone’s attention away from you and use the moment to rearrange
your member.
So there you go, you don’t have to endure those embarrassing moments again.
Just kill it or hide it.
By: Oluwaiye dayo
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Date: Sat. 20/Dec/2014 10:55am fb share tweet

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