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The man's brain is the myth behind all his gains but the state of his life is determined by the state of his mind. Every gain life is a result of the use of the brain.
Your worth in life is essentially a product of the use to which you put your mind. Mind is a man's seat of feelings and thoughts, your thoughts holds the key to your life. Success is a product of the right use of these senses. No school has a faculty of success.
To believe is to agree and it is a product of mental assent. Nothing gets to you without first passing through your mind. It is the factor that makes you relevant to the world- when it is out of place, your place in life is lost!
Haven't you hear people say things like " Don't mind him ! " , " He's out of his mind"- this is because the man is not using his mind. But they will mind you when your mind is in productive use.
One of such productive usage is learning- when you stop learning, you start dying. The largest room in the world is the room for improvement. When your mind starts becoming outdated, your body also start ageing.
Other uses include; knowledge, understanding, reasoning and imagination. Learning culminates in knowledge but every divind deposit multiplies with use.
Whereas knowledge gets the information across, understanding unravels the misteries behind it. Going by these, knowledge is limited to what your see can see and your ears can hear.
Reasoning now enhances the quality of decision you make and guarantees a rising because everything you see on the outside begins from the inside. Likewise, everything you see in the open started in the secret.
Consequentially, the pace for your destination is set by your imagination. Ideas are turned into pictures in the mind and these pictures are what creates your future. As far as your eyes can see is what shall be given to you.
Above all, every positive imagination establishes a positive destination and vice versa. Lets' cultivate a positive mindset...
By: Oluwaiye dayo
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Date: Wed. 29/Oct/2014 10:44pm fb share tweet
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