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I stood at d bus stop waiting 4 a taxi and suddenly i saw a beggar who was a little bit far from me, so my heart grieved at him and i walked towards him to give him some money. As i moved closer to him, d passion to help this cripple man got spurred. As soon as i got to him, i deep my hand into my pocket to give him some money and we heard a gunshot. I looked back curiously to see that every body where running and the whole bus stop got into confusion. I saw the comb ant between the police and thief and nobody could withstand the franc as between the two. I turned to d cripple to rescue him from the danger but the cripple had crossed to the third lane wit his leg. Can you imagine my state of mind now?
By: Oluwaiye dayo
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Date: Sun. 02/Nov/2014 10:37am fb share tweet
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