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Hopping from one bus to the other can be a really stressful business especially in a country like Nigeria. With people waiting on the queue for the next bus headed toward their direction, the chances of surviving the rush are really slim. Since everyone wants to get to work early and return back home early, they give no room to be outshined by the next individual, and so the struggle continues.
The story is however different for those who have the option of subscribing to the stress free life. They would rather they take a cab than have to stand in long queue all in a bid to “rush their way” into a bus. But then, this has its own disadvantage- The cost involved. Cab men make a fortune of “carless” individuals by charging as high asN3000toN5000per trip. Say one goes two trips per day, that’s a total ofN6000toN10, 000…Keeping up with this lifestyle would require that one budget betweenN250, 000andN300, 000per month for transportation alone. The question is, how sustainable is that?
Palmchat, the ‘on board’ instant messaging app, in a bid to solve the transportation problem is offering an opportunity for a car to be won. Winning the car however comes with a prize, a prize that can be paid by anyone interested.
All that is required to quality for this amazing opportunity is to first download palm chat on your device andvisit the palmchat.hotreferralinc.com site and register with your unique Palmchat I.D. You will thenobtain a referral link to invite friends to download Palmchat, and with this link unique to your ID alone, you earn reward points for every person referred. You however earn extra points if it’s a girl referred. The person with the highest points at the end of the campaign wins the brand new car!
That’s all it takes to win. It all starts by first downloading Palmchat on your device.
A sneak Peak into Palmchat
Palmchat is free social software integrating chatting and dating, which supports multiple chatting types (texts, voices, emoticons, and pictures. The app supports the full range mobile platforms ranging from windows phone, Android, IOS, blackberry and Symbian.
Unlike other messaging platform which requires you have a contact’s details before you can contact them, Palmchat has look around and search by info features. The “Look Around” feature shows Palmchat users around you and how close they are to your location. While the “search by info” feature allows you search for a user based on different values of information.
With Over 80,000 new friends joining every day, Palmchat promises an interactive and fun custom platform. The app has chat rooms, voice recording capabilities, photo and video sharing and chat or date by location and interest.
By: Oluwaiye dayo
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