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Ever-militant Ladokites,
A Yoruba adage says “all days are for the thief but just a day is for the
At about 10am this morning Thursday, 20th November, 2014; two boys
named Iyanu and Tosin residing in Adohin area were apprehended
around Nurudeen grammar school. These hoodlums who are indigenous
citizens were caught with stolen properties like gas cooker, Iron, electric
cooker and mobile phone when they are about to sell the properties.
These criminals were scrutinized and investigated thoroughly and
vigorously on site after which they confessed and led us ( the “collective
hands” team) to the hostel where they gurgled and got away with a
whole lot of valuables earlier this morning around 8:30am , all students
residing in that hostel (around mortal hostel, stadium area) have
Ever – reasonable Ladokites, this is not the first of its kind this
“collective hand” have apprehended several criminal in recent times; yet
continuing its good work.
The “collective hands” night patrol is very much on ground patrolling
vigilantly to ensure that the properties of students (who are not in
school) are secured and the life of those who are still in school are safe
and void of intimidations and threats.
God on our side and with the unflinching and uncompromising support
and advocate of all ever-reasonable Ladokites in prayers, actions and
words; I believe this team (collective hands) will apprehend more of
these wolves residing among the sheep.
Welfarism, security, and comfortability of fellow Ladokites in an environ
void of timidity, menace, and intimidation are my greatest priorities.
My sincere, open, unreserved and foursquare appreciation goes to all the
members of the “collective hands” i.e the Para-militants (Man O’ War),
Comrade Phendikay (SUG Social Director) and all ever-militant
Ladokites (names withheld) who were part of today’s service {the best
display of leadership, they say is service}.
Greatest Ladokites, I urge us earnestly to be prayerful, vigilant, remain
supportive and united to make LAUTECH a better place.
Collective hands – rescued mission!
All the properties and valuables recovered are intact and will be
returned to the rightful owner when they back in school.
The name of the occupants of the burgled rooms is Adebisi Bashirat a
200L Student in Biochemistry department.
Thanks you all……..I Love you all.
For any emergencies contact Aluta Rocket on 08130564958; BBM pin:
SUG LAUTECH WELFARE DIRECTOR (Chief Servant {Prexy} in embryo)
By: Oluwaiye dayo
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